What is travel insurance?

About This 

 It’s exactly what it seems like – protection for your trip. Just like you get automobile insurance for your car, and house insurance for your house, you’ll get travel insurance for your travels. Whether it’s theft, injury, natural disasters, or the other crazy travel damper, travel insurance will have you ever covered for any physical or loss . Collision Damage Waiver Baggage Loss / Damage Baggage Delay Trip Cancellation Trip Interruption Travel Delay Emergency Medical Transportation Travel Accident Coverage.

What is travel insurance?

4 reasons why you Bought to not be too cheap to shop for a travel insurance 

  1. Flight delay and cancellation are common 
  2. Your healthcare plan applies only in Singapore
  3. You get support if you would like medical attention abroad.
  4. No worry about your carelessness

“Annual worldwide policy for as little as £29.”

5 top tips for purchasing the proper travel insurance? 

So here are our top 5 tips for having the proper travel insurance cover:

  • Declare everything. If you’ve got a pre-existing medical condition and fail to declare it on your policy, do you have to fall ill with the condition (or even a complication from the condition) your cover might be invalidated and any claim could also be rejected Check the excess levels.
  • The cover benefits and price may look great but also consider what you’re required to pay within the event of a claim Check the maximum payout for cancellation. 
  • You may find that your holiday price is costlier than the quality cover offered on your policy Understand the real cost of NOT being insured.
  • A claim for emergency medical care in some parts of Europe can easily be £20,000 to £40,000, and repatriation with an air ambulance from the USA could be £80,000 to £100,000 Read the small print. 
  • If it’s extremely cheap, there’s probably a reason for it. The true value of your policy is merely realised when something goes wrong!

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