Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul can both play great kohli 1

Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul can both play
Indian skipper Virat Kohli hinted on Monday that he might come down on his own within the card to offer both Shikhar Dhawan and Kl Rahul an area in the first ODI against Australia here playing XI. The vice-captain Rohit Sharma is certain to be picked in the playing XI, but the team management has to take a difficult decision to choose Shikhar Dhawan or Kl Rahul.

Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul can both play great kohli 1
However, the captain doesn’t see any reason why these two couldn’t play. Kohli said, ‘See the player in form is usually good for the team. Of course, you want the best players to be available and then choose what the combination should be for the team.
There is a possibility that all three (Rohit, Shikhar Dhawan, and Kl Rahul) can play. Asked if he could come down the batting order, Kohli said, “Yes, there is a possibility.” I am very happy to do so Will be. I have not decided on any sequence for myself. I am not insecure about where I bat.
Kohli said, “As captain, it is also my job to ensure that the next group is ready.” Your job as a captain to the current team Not only watching, but also preparing the team that you simply will pass giving responsibility to somebody else.
Kohli has said that fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah targets the batsmen’s head and ribs even while bowling on the nets. Kohli said, ‘According to me he (Bumrah) is that the most effective bowler in any format of the sport. Playing against him, he also brings the matching spirit to the nets.
He keeps hitting the ball over our head or targeting the ribs Do not hesitate He is a complete bowler and it is always good to play against the best bowlers on the Nets. I challenge myself to play well against them, you do not get a chance to put a boundary against Jasprit on the Bojana net.
Bumrah dismissed Kohli first. Kohli and Bumrah faced each other at the nets before the match. Kohli said, ‘Bumrah has been playing for the team for the last four years and this was probably the second time when He was dismissed against the Nets.
He dismissed me once before the Test in 2018 in Adelaide and once on Monday. I am glad that this was the last ball of my nets session as he came to bowl fast again, but I had gone through the nets. ‘Kohli also said that for the center order of India.
The challenge is going to be to face Mitchell Starc and his comrades leading the invasion of Australia.
India is prepared to play day-night match game in Australia: Virat Kohli
Indian captain Virat Kohli said here on Monday that the Indian team is prepared to play day-night Test in Australia later this year. Earlier, Australia’s Test captain Tim Paine had challenged the challenge of playing the day-night test on the tour of Australia, sarcastically on Kohli, but the Indian captain answered him in his own style.
When Kohli was asked about this, he said, ‘Gaba or Perth, we are ready for this challenge. It doesn’t matter to us. It is very interesting for any test series Is and we are ready to play the day-night Test. India played the first day-night Test against Bangladesh at the Eden Gardens in November last year.
He said, ‘We played the day-night test here, we are satisfied with its result. We can play from any team, anywhere, under any circumstance or format. Now whether it’s a white ball or red ball and pink. Last year when Penn was asked, he said that Australia should ask Kohli whether he wants to play the day-night test or not.

I tried to find out from Smith-Warner: Turner
Australia’s young batsman Ashton Turner said on Monday that David Warner and Steve Smith have to be adopted to deal with Indian spinners on subcontinent pitches. Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Singh Chahal had scored 84 runs in Mohali on the last tour of India to Australia.
Turner said that my confidence against the world-class team and bowling attack had increased a lot from that series and I had learned a lot.
It is four days of moonlight, not Test cricket: Virender Sehwag
Warne wants a five-Test series from India Melbourne
Legendary spinner Shane Warne called for a five-match Test series between India and Australia from next season, including the day-night Test Earlier Indian captain Virat Kohli said on Monday that his team is ready to play the Day-Night Test on the tour of Australia this year.
India is scheduled to visit Australia in November this year for a series of four Tests, three ODIs and three T-20 international matches. India was urged to play the day-night test in Australia on the 2018-19 tour, but guests.
The team refused. Following Kohli’s statement, Vaughan has asked the BCCI and CA to hold a series of five Tests instead of four in the next calendar season starting in 2023 between the two countries.
Warne tweeted, ‘I’ve said this before, but how will the five-match Test series between India and Australia be from next season. Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide Day – Knight, Melbourne, and Sydney. It is expected that BCCI and CA will do so.
Awareness of fixing and doping is essential
Virender Sehwag expressed concern over corruption and doping in cricket and said that it is the responsibility of the administrators along with the players to keep every aspect of the game clean. Virender Sehwag said, If you love this game, then you should not go on such a path.

If you select such a path, it implies that you are doing not love this game and solely play for cash. If you play well then the cash can return mechanically. If somebody contacts you (for corruption or fixing), please inform BCCI and ICC, it’s necessary.

If you ignore therefore he can contact somebody else And somebody will do such an associate act. certify that you just inform the BCCI concerning it. “He said,” I will perceive several cricketers do heaps for fitness. they’re several Takes a spread of beverages, however, I don’t suppose you’ll build any muscles that improve your batting or bowling.

Former Indian team opener Virender Sehwag has created some remarks concerning shortening take a look at cricket 5|to 5} days rather than five. concerning the ICC‘s commitment to revamping the take a look at, Sehwag same that innovation shouldn’t mean a change of state with the soul of taking a look at cricket’s format.

Sehwag used Hindi idioms within the ‘MAK Pataudi Memorial Lecture’ at the BCCI Awards ceremony late on Sunday night. same that transfer age to the longest format of the sport ought to be restricted to Day-Night take a look at matches.

Sehwag same in his own manner, ‘There are four days of moonlight, not a match game. Water fish is nice in water, if taken out it’ll die. will take a look at cricket to Chanda Mama. we have a tendency to square measure taking part in the day-night take a look at, individuals would possibly return to check the match once the workplace. age ought to return, however, it shouldn’t be modified in 5 days.

The ICC is proposing a four-day proposal to taking a look at cricket which can be mentioned within the Cricket meeting in March. Its Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Ravi Shastri, Current and former high players like Ricky Ponting and Ian Botham have drawn criticism.

Sehwag termed the take a look at as the way of romance and the same that waiting is that the fantastic thing about this format. He said, I actually have continually welcome modification, however, the five-day match game maybe a romance wherever the bowler plans to dismiss the hitter thinks a way to hit each ball, and also the fielder standing within the slip waits for the ball as if the boy standing enamored waits from the front, waits all day once the ball is in his hand and once He can catch.

The former opener is the same that there ought to be a touch age in taking a look at cricket. They said, ‘Jersey victimization numbers to write down backward is ok, however, diapers and five-day cricket ought to be modified only if they are going dangerous. I’d say that take a look at cricket is 143 years previous and work like today’s Indian team, it’s a soul and also the age of this soul shouldn’t be tiny at any price.

Sehwag same,’ attract take a look at cricket in the last ten-fifteen years the number of matches has been quite low. There are 223 take a look at matches to vie within the last 5 years, out of that solely thirty-one is drawn, that is merely thirteen %, this is often quite our gross domestic product.

In the last ten years, 533 matches vie, out of that solely eighty-three matches are drawn, the quantity of draw matches is nineteen %. Avoid victimization abusive words Sehwag touched another issue that is that the ground however the behavior of the players.

41 year previous Sehwag same that abusive words square measure annoying for the youth WHO square measure looking at you on the team and follow their heroes. He said, ‘Today’s youngsters will scan what a player says. change the stump mic isn’t the answer Healthy surroundings make take a look at cricket fascinating while not victimization abusive words.

I simply followed Pataudi sahib’s advice: Sehwag shared his reminiscences and interactions with Pataudi saheb on this occasion. He said, ‘I have a detailed relationship with him. I 1st met him in 2005-06, I asked him if you’ve got seen Pine Tree State taking part in, however, am I able to improve my game.

He simply told Pine Tree State that once you square measure batting, you’re far from the ball. If you keep shut, you’ll not be out. Sehwag continued. I actually have ne’er followed anyone’s recommendation. however, I followed his recommendation. The result of that was that I scored heaps of runs in taking a look at cricket.

The credit goes to him. If I need to match him with anyone, then I’ll compare him with an avatar of religious writing. If he (Krishna) weren’t there, the Pandavas wouldn’t have won.

Shikhar Dhawan and Kl Rahul

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