Shaheen bagh shoot CAB bill Citizenship Amendment Bill 1

Shaheen bagh Cab bill Citizenship Amendment Bill

CAB bill Bomb thrown on police in Bengal, DC injured

New Delhi.  Shaheen bagh Violent incidents across the country are not taking the name in protest against the revised citizenship law. On Tuesday, while violent demonstrations took place in Delhi, protests were also continuing in various states of the country. Protesters hurled bombs at the police who reached the three-man camp in Manikpur in West Bengal to stop the agitation.

Shaheen bagh Cab bill Citizenship Amendment Bill

Five policemen were injured, including DC (Headquarters) Ajit Singh Yadav. He has been admitted to a private hospital in Howrah. Yadav has injuries on both his legs and face. Raff and Combat Police Force have gone to the area. Attempts are being made to identify the attackers.

Union Minister of State for Railways’s order to shoot The Union Minister of State for Railways, Suresh Angadi, has said that damaging the properties of the railways, the District Administration concerned gives strict warning to railway officials, if anyone destroys public property including railways, I  As a minister, I direct that he be shot on sight. 

Uttar Pradesh: CAB BILL Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath asked police officers to take strict steps to deal with rioters. The Internet is closed in five districts of UP – Saharanpur, Meerut, Aligarh, Mau, and Kasganj.  Police have detained 113 people including 28 people from the district.  Youth, school colleges closed on protest against citizenship law in Mau.

Chennai.  Police entered the campus during a demonstration at Madras University. Police say the university administration asked for his help as the students headed towards the vice-chancellor’s room. The police escorted the vice-chancellor safely. DMK has filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the Citizenship Amendment bill Act. 

Bhubaneswar: People of the Muslim community in Bhubaneswar submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister in the Secretariat after protesting against the Citizenship Amendment bill Act. 

Kerala: On Tuesday, 30 Islamic-political parties stormed from morning to evening in protest against the Citizenship Amendment bill Act in Thiruvananthapuram.

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Whatever happens, will not back down: Shah

New Delhi. Shaheen bagh CAB bill Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday refused to back the revised citizenship law, saying the government would exercise all powers available to grant citizenship Amendment Bill to religiously persecuted people in neighboring countries.  At a rally in Dwarka, Delhi, Shah said that no matter what happens, the Modi government will ensure citizeniship to these refugees. Shaheen bagh.

Curfew removed from Assam, broadband services restored in Guwahati.  The situation is now improving after heavy opposition in Assam. The curfew has been lifted from the state. But mobile internet service is still closed in most of the districts of the state. There is a democratic movement against the citizenship amendment bill across the state.  

The Akhil Assam Students Union (AASU) performed a satyagraha on the second day and made arrests. The 36-hour fast of the Akhil Assam Ethnicist Students Council has ended. Incitement of violence Farmer leader Akhil Gogoi arrested for Jorhat Selkar was produced before the National Investigation Agency (NIA) court. 

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The NIA has been given a 10-day remand by the court. In Dibrugarh, curfew has been relaxed for 14 hours from 6 am on Tuesday morning. Land-phone-based broadband Internet services have been restored, but mobile Internet services will remain closed until 9 am on Friday.

On Tuesday, police arrested 10 people on charges of spreading a nuisance in a violent case at Shaheen bagh Delhi’s Jamia University. There are no students in them. In Aligarh, 26 people were arrested on Tuesday.

Jamia scandal: Supreme Court refuses to interfere, on Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard the case of violent demonstrations and police action at Jameia Milia Islamia University in protest against the amended citizenshiplaw. The court refused to intervene on this. 

The bench headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde said in the order that we do not think it is possible to appoint a committee for this. For this, first, go to the High Court. Let us know that senior lawyers Indira Jaisingh and Colin Gonzalez on Monday demanded the Chief Justice SABobde to take cognizance of the Benchley Jamia case. CAB Bill Citizenship Amendment Bill Shaheen bagh .

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