quantum computer google cannot break this code 2020

Quantum computer Google

Researchers at St Andrews University in Edinburgh, Scotland, along with other international partners, have developed the world’s first code that would somehow protect against cyber attacks. It is being said that it cannot be broken even by the world’s latest quantum computer google. This system uses silicon chips that have structures that irreversibly change after every use. They cannot be rebuilt. All information is stored as light in the SICON chip.

The associate professor who led this research, Dr. Andrea Fatology says that with the advent of powerful quantum computer google it has become extremely easy to break into existing confidential data. Complex encryption can also be broken. In such a situation, this new technology is of great use.

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quantum computing in hindi

Such safe from cyber attacks

Andrea Talozzi, professor of physics and astronomy at St. Andrews University, pointed out that the proposed new system uses silicon chips. It consists of complex structures that are immutable. Once input is inserted into it, neither it can be decoded by the cyber criminals nor can it be intercepted. In this, information is stored as light, then passed through a silicon chip, which contains complex structures that tilt the information and reverse it.

Quantum computer google quantum computing in hindi
Quantum computer google quantum computing in hindi

Hackers will have to find another job

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Electrical Engineering Professor Dr. Andrea Pantalocchi stated that, ‘Given the global security, large-scale deployment of affordable resources remains a major problem. In such a situation, this research becomes important. If it is implemented globally, crypto – hackers will have to look for another job. quantum computer google Is a best computer but this is not a brack this coad.

quantum computer google

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