No1 Office work made easy to help Smartphone apps

No1 Office work made easy with the help of these Smartphone apps !

Sitting in an office cabin and covering up work on a laptop or computer is now an old thing. Today’s generation easily completes office work on smartphone even after sitting at home, park, canteen or restaurant. For this, the user has to download some special application in his smartphone. With this, your performance in the eyes of the boss is also good and the work load does not increase due to the completion of work on time.

Office work made easy these smartphone app help
Office work

In fact, to prove themselves and take a career in a very short time, many youngsters want to complete the office project as soon as possible one day and night. In such a situation, he starts away from friends and family. But if the youngsters want, they can complete many important office tasks only on their small smartphone kept in the pocket. This will not only give you more time for your family, but will also help in creating a good image in front of the boss.

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Great app for Word and PDF files

If most of your office work is in MS Word and PDF format then the Docs To Go Free Office Suite app, available for free on Google Playstore, can be a great option for you. Through this, users can edit and save any file of Word and PDF.  Apart from this, you can add graphics, tables, bookmarks, comment footnotes, endnotes and hyperlinks to any format file. This great application has been rated 4.1 on Google Playstore and has been downloaded by nearly 50 million people.

Create a smart powerpoint presentation in minutes

The Powerpoint presentation (PPT) is a great way to present your idea to the boss in the office. But many people believe that a good presentation can be prepared only on computer or laptop. However, it is not like that. If you want, you can prepare PPT on tablet and smartphone also outside office or home. For this, the user has to download the Polaris Office – Docs + PDF application in the phone.  While preparing the presentation, users can add various types of videos, pictures, graphic slides and animations to it. Also you can create, edit and save MS Word, Excel and PDF files. The app is rated 4.3 on Google Playstore. More than 100 million users worldwide are using it.

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Protect document files up to 15 GB on the cloud

The application available for free on Google Playstore is very beneficial for office workers. After downloading this app in the smartphone, users can easily edit and create files like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. The most important thing about the app is that it has its own cloud on which users can keep up to 15 GB of document files securely and when the time comes they can open and edit wherever they wish. Users can also share any file designed on it directly with friends through Office Suite Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Email and Bluetooth. This amazing app has been given 4.3 ratings on Google Playstore and has downloaded more than 100 million users.

Do real time chatting for important projects

Like the Office Suite app, on the Quip application, the work related to the Word, Document and Powerpoint related to the user office can be dealt on the phone. But there is one more special thing in this app that makes him different from the app used in other official work.  Actually, while working on a particular project in the office, users can create a group with colleagues in it. All the new ideas related to this group can be shared with each other. With the help of colleagues on the group, users can make their work easier. This app has got a 4.1 rating on Google Playstore and so far it has downloaded more than one lakh users.

Get a PC-like experience on Mobile Users who use Microsoft Word on Android phones always complain that its design is quite different from PC-based MS Word. Therefore, they are unable to prepare most of Word’s files correctly. But on the FREE Office TextMaker Mobile App, available for free on Google Playstore, users will be able to run a PC-like version of MS Word. In this, they can put pictures in any file of MS Word and change the background. Apart from this, features like text size, fonts, bullet, bold, italic, highlight and hyperlink have also been provided. The app has been rated 4.1 on Google Playstore and has been downloaded by more than one lakh users so far.

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