New SEO Technique For Blog Website | Get 2000% More Organic Traffic (Fast) – 2020

I grew a client’s organic search site visitors via 1,059%, using one simple seo technique. And need to recognize the craziest component? Properly, i’ll display you in a second. I used to suck at search engine optimization and i wasted so much time doing stuff that does not work. Then at some point i found out that 99. 9% of search engine optimization recommendation is rubbish. I finished reading, looking and consuming. Alternatively, i sat down and requested one query.

What truely matters in search engine optimization?

It is when i discovered that what you do not do is just as crucial as what you do. What if you could get greater natural visitors whilst running less. Well it truly is most effective viable in case you consciousness at the proper stuff. Like how i grew this purchaser’s organic search site visitors by 1,059% by using focusing on simply one weblog post. However i did not just write a weblog post. I used a special seo method. It is outstanding because you can develop your organic search traffic with out creating any new content material. 

The cake technique

Then simply stack the 2 bonus strategies that i am going to expose you later, and this will become one of the most robust weapons on yourseo arsenal. I name it the cake method. And it is without a doubt the process of consolidating comparable content material assets right into a single mom content asset. So here are the precise steps.

1. Identify pages targeting the same primary keywords Become aware of content assets that are focused on the identical, or very similar key-word terms.

2. Decide what your mother asset goes to be.

3. Map out how you are going to consolidate all of those comparable content material assets into a mother asset.

4. Actually consolidate all of that content material into one.

5. 301 redirect all of the assisting assets to the mother asset. 

6. Annotate your actions in google analytics so you can song the performance of your new asset.

7. Make certain you acquire great back-links to this new asset, due to the fact now it’s clearly worth selling.

The cake technique works for numerous reasons

1. It increases word count

Consolidating belongings into one will evidently increase phrase be counted, which is often correlated to higher rankings.

2. It produces deeper content

The truth is, spreading your expertise throughout more than one micro posts creates a ton of thin content material. Whilst consolidating your assets produces the alternative effect.

3. It eliminates keyword cannibalization

And keyword cannibalization happens whilst multiple page is concentrated on the identical keyword word and then google has to decide which one to rank. And it’s critical which you have no ambiguity for your keyword targeting, and also you want it to be very clean what web page you in reality need to rank for your key-word phrase. And that’s why consolidating property is one way to just eliminate this issue all collectively.

4. It consolidates link authority

You will be 301 redirecting all of your assisting property to at least one web page, so meaning that that mom web page is gonna gather all of the hyperlinks that the ones micro posts had initially. And as a end result, your mother asset will turn into an authoritative power house, so as to assist ranking plenty less complicated. 

5. It makes content promotion way easier

It’s plenty less difficult to promote one asset than it is to sell 10 specific assets. And also, people are extra inclined to hyperlink to a virtually in-depth, high pleasant piece of content material than they’re to a 300 phrase blog submit it really is very vague and not incredible in-depth. So inside the case of our consumer, we identified a key-word that had 13,000 searches consistent with month and then we constructed the entire mother asset round that keyword.

After which we just began that technique of consolidating all of the thin content material that we found within the web site into this mother asset. So this man is inside the fashion area of interest and that they had a ton of pictures, so we needed to parent out a way to consolidate all the ones pictures in a manner that wouldn’t make it terrific difficult to study and make it tremendously long, so we created a slider, so that the consumer could just bypass via the pics and see all of the one-of-a-kind clothes. To this point, we have consolidated eleven thin portions of content into this mother asset. And now this content material is over 5,000 phrases.

And there’s no denying that this method took numerous months to execute, however it is actually really worth it. And the truth is, i’ve taken this exact approach, the cake approach, and used it throughout a couple of verticals. And it has literally worked one hundred% of the time. It is so notably effective when you execute it correctly. The most important key to the success of this method is to make certain that the mom asset is targeting the right keyword.


So after you have found the proper key-word, you have consolidated your asset, now all you want to do is acquire great hyperlinks to that asset and watch the overall performance climb. 

There are two bonus tactics a good way to take this approach to another stage

So the first bonus approach is to truly take all the comments from all of the posts that you’ve consolidated and upload those to the mom asset, and what it really is going to do, is it’s gonna add a ton of user generated content to that page and it’s going to offer you a ton of particular content material and that’s simply going to add levels to the content material and make it deeper and deeper. 

And if you’re on wordpress, you can easily do that via just downloading the copy/circulate comment plugin, and you will be able to simply take all the ones feedback and upload ’em for your mother asset. Now one key points, before you do that, is ensure the remarks are relevant.

The second bonus tactic is to leverage title modifiers. Now this blog post that i’m speakme approximately in this case, so it turned into getting a ton of site visitors for its primary word, but agree with it or no longer, it’s getting the most traffic for a phrase it truly is the usage of a title modifier. 

So all we did changed into surely simply add the year to the name. And of path you can not continually use this tactic, but in this particular example it made sense for us to add a 12 months, due to the fact style does exchange, therefore we want to always replace this submit for the customers.

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