Loans Taken From International Organization By India || total loan on india in rupees

India Is Taken Many Time Loan From Other Country And Much Organisation For Improving Our Country. We Can Now Describe Here How Many Loan Getting Our Country In-State Via Which Organisation. So let’s See  Full Post About Loan Who Get India From Other Country And Other ORganisation We Can ShareHEre List Of Organisation.

loans taken from international by india
1.World Bank (Organisation Bank)

♦️Andhra Pradesh: Health Care Project: Rs 2200 cr / $328 MN
♦️Uttar Pradesh: Core Road Network: $400 MN
♦️Jharkhand :  Municipal Development Project: $147 MN 
♦️Jharkhand: Power System Improvement Project: $331 MN 
♦️Rajasthan: State Electricity Distribution Sector Reforms: $250 MN
♦️Rajasthan: State Highways Development Program II: $250MN
♦️To eradicate TB: $400 MN
♦️Tamilnadu: Health System Reforms: $287 MN
♦️Uttrakhand: Public Financial Management Strengthening  Project: $31.58 MN
♦️Uttrakhand: Disaster Recovery Project: $96 MN
♦️DRIP : Dam Rehabilitation  & Improvement Program : Rs 11,000 cr
♦️Chhattisgarh : Public Financial  Management & Accountability Program : $25.20 MN
♦️NRETP: National Rural Economic Transformation  Project: To boost rural enterprises run by Women: $250 MN
2.ADB: Asian Development Bank (Organisation Bank)
♦️Tamilnadu: Climate Resilient Water Supply, sewerage & drainage infrastructure: $169 MN  – 1st Tranche ( $500 MN to be given )
♦️Himachal Pradesh: Hydropower  Transmission: $105 MN (of  $350 MN )
♦️Odisha : Skill Development Project : $85 MN
♦️Assam: To reduce Flood: $60 MN
♦️Punjab: To strengthen Finance: $100 MN 
♦️Mumbai: Two metro Project: $926  MN
♦️ Tripura : 1650cr =  Infrastructure Project

3.Japan (Country)

  1300 cr to North-East Region

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