Jhalawar – District Of Rajasthan

Administrative units
  • Tehsil – 8 
  • Panchayat Samiti – 8
  •  Divisions – Kota
Jhalawar was founded in 1791 AD by Faujdar Jhala Jallim Singh of Kota. Its name at that time was the cantonment of Ummedpura. The princely state of Jhalawar was founded by Jhala Madan Singh in 1838 AD.

Important facts

  1. Jhalawar, the most recent princely state of Rajasthan.
  2. The only princely state to be established in the time of the British
  3. Jhalawar, the border district with Madhya Pradesh.
  4. The highest rainfall at the district level is in Jhalawar (100 cm). (Climate)
  5. The minimum number of thunderstorms is in Jhalawar (3 days).
  6. Jhalawar (40 days) highest number of rainy days.
  7. Jhalawar, the most humid district of Rajasthan.
  8. Monsoon entrance in Rajasthan – Jhalawar, and Banswara.
  9. Area of ​​Malwa – Jhalawar, and Pratapgarh are jointly called the region of Malwa. (Geographical name)
  10. The hills of Mukundwara – between Kota and Jhalawar.
  11. Hadauti Boli is spoken in Jhalawar district. The description of which is first found in Hadoti grammar written by Keelan.
  12. The Ahu River originates from Mehndi village in Madhya Pradesh and enters Rajasthan at Nandpur in Jhalawar.
  13. Parvan River – It originates from the Vidhan region of Madhya Pradesh and enters the Manohar police station of Jhalawar in Rajasthan.
  14. The Kali Sindh River originates from Bagli village (Dewas) of Madhya Pradesh and enters Rajasthan at Raipur in Jhalawar.
  15. Bhim Sagar Project Jhalawar.
  16. Chandrabhaga Project Jhalawar.
  17. Print Project Jhalawar.
  18. Mukunda Hills National Park – Kota, Jhalawar (9 January 2012). (National Park)
  19. Pass Reserve – Kota, Jhalawar.
  20. Jhalrapatan – It is also known as the City of Bells. It was founded by Jim Singh on the remains of Chandravati Nagar, which is situated on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River.
  21. Gagarin Durg – Fort situated at the confluence of Ahu and Kalisindh rivers on Mukunda hill. There is a Dargah of Saint Mitheshah in this fort.
  22. Padmanath Temple (Surya Mandir) – It is also known as the Temple of the Seven Sahelis. Colonel Tod also called it the temple of Charbhuja.
  23. Chandrabhaga Temple – A seventh-century temple situated on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River.
  24. It comes in the Hadoti circuit in terms of the tourism development of Rajasthan.
  25. Rain Basera – A beautiful wooden rest house on the banks of the Kishan Sarag lake. Another building constructed by the Forest Research Institute of Dehradun was placed in an industry exhibition in Lucknow in 1936.
  26. Temple of Sheetleshwar Mahadev (Chandramouli) – This is the first date inscribed temple of the state, it was built by Samanta Vappak of King Dugargana.
  27. A critical super thermal plant of Rajasthan is under construction at Kalisindh Jhalawar.
  28. Chandrabhaga Cattle Fair – Jhalawar.
  29. Gomti Sagar Cattle Fair – Jhalawar.

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