Jaisalmer – District Of Rajasthan

Administrative units

  • Tehsil – 4
  •  Panchayat Samiti – 3
  •  Division – Jodhpur
Jaisalmer was founded by Bhati Rajput Rao Jaisal on the Trikut hill. The princely state of Jaisalmer was incorporated into Greater Rajasthan in March 1949 and Jaisalmer became a separate district on 6 October 1949. Jaisalmer Suvarnagari, the rose of the desert, Andaman of Rajasthan, is famous as the city of Havelis and jharokhas.

Important facts

  1. The princely state that did not establish democratic and fully responsible governance – Jaisalmer. (Unification)
  2. Mal / Vall – Geographical name of Jaisalmer.
  3. The Thar Desert is the most populated and vegetated in the world.
  4. Ishwari Singh called the Thar Desert the “Rough Zone“.
  5. Ola and Kunda (Oriental Civilizations) – Jaisalmer.
  6. The western extension of Rajasthan is up to Katra and Jaisalmer.
  7. Jaisalmer has the highest border (464 km) from the Radcliffe Line.
  8. Jaisalmer is the largest district in the area on the Radcliffe Line.
  9. Jaisalmer is the least forested area of ​​the district in Rajasthan.
  10. The driest place in Rajasthan is Sama Jaisalmer.
  11. Jaisalmer district with the highest daily temperature. (Climate of Rajasthan)
  12. Jaisalmer District with minimum humidity in Rajasthan.
  13. District Jaisalmer with minimum rainfall at district level (10 cm)
  14. District with a minimum number of days of rainfall in Rajasthan.
  15. The least rainy place in Rajasthan is Sama Jaisalmer (5 cm).
  16. The districts of Jasmer and Barmer in the Western Desert Region are dry density districts.
  17. Rashtriya Marudyan – Rajasthan’s largest wildlife sanctuary which is famous for Akal (village name) Wood Fossil (fossil garden).
  18. The second phase of the Indira Gandhi Canal Project was completed in Mohangarh town of Jaisalmer, hence Mohangarh town is called Jeera Point of Indira Gandhi Canal Project.
  19. Kavod – Saltwater lake.
  20. Pokaran – Saltwater lake.
  21. Chandan tubewell – Established in Chandan village of Jaisalmer district, which is called Thar ka pitcher.
  22. Lathi Series Area – A geologic freshwater belt extending along the Pakistani border from Pokaran to Mohangarh in Jaisalmer. Sevana grass grows on this blackjack series. Sonar Fort – A massive fort built without the addition of yellow stones, which spreads the aura of gold in the light of the sun, that is why it is called the fort of Sonar. Other names like Trikutgarh, Gohragarh, Jaisangarh, etc.
  23. Ramdevra – The place of pilgrimage of the folk deity Baba Ramdev Ji, here is the birthplace of Ramdev, Parcha Bawdi Ramdev Sarovar, etc.
  24. Tanot Mata – Tanot Mata is considered the total goddess of the Bhati rulers. This Devi temple is currently worshiped by Border Security Force personnel.
  25. Patwao Ki Haveli – It was built by five brothers. It is famous for painting and carving.
  26. Ramgarh Jaisalmer is the first natural gas-based power plant in Rajasthan.
  27. The first wind power plant in the public sector in Rajasthan was set up at Amar Sagar Jaisalmer in 1999.
  28. Solar Energy Enterprise Sector (SEEZ) in Rajasthan – Jaisalmer, Barmer, and Jodhpur have been declared. Jaisalmer Rajasthan falls in the Maru triangle in terms of tourism development.
  29. International Maru Festival – Jaisalmer.
  30. Kite Festival – Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer.
  31. Dancing Camel – Important in terms of riding and fast running.
  32. Only Gaur rides are taken at Gangaur (Chetar Shukla Chaturthi) in Jaisalmer district. Not of God
  33. In the Jaisalmer district, a place called Ghotaru has deposits of Hillyum Gains and natural gas deposits have been found at Tanot, Manihari, Tibba.

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