E-commerce 2.0| Best Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in india

E-commerce 2.0 | Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in India

India is the fastest growing E-commerce 2.0 market in the world, which will be Rs 14 lakh crore by 2025. Currently 7 crores active internet users in the 62 country’s. 500 million users will be added in the next five years. These are seen by E-commerce 2.0 companies as their future customers. The new round of connecting them to online shopping E-commerce 2.0 is being said.

Amazon E-commerce 2.0 jeff bezos India
E-commerce 2.0

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon the largest E-commerce company is on a tour of India these days. He announced to invest $ 100 million on the digitization of India‘s small business. At the same time Bezos also said that the company has targeted to export goods worth $ 1000 million from India by 2025.

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The essence of the Internet boom after the arrival of Reliance Jio and now the head of Amazon indicates in this direction that the second phase of the e-commerce revolution is starting in India. Make it E-commerce 2.0 is also being done.

Under this, E-commerce companies are trying to make inroads in the unorganized retail market of Rs 48 lakh crore through offline stores in the country.

Need of small traders for second round of E-commerce

One India Family Mart CEO JP Shukla Said Companies need small traders to realize E-commerce 2.0 It is not possible for companies to send goods from their warehouses in big cities to far-flung areas of the country in a short time. To overcome the problem, there is a competition to connect grocery shoppers.

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Order online, delivery from nearby grocery stores

SME Chamber of India‘s Advisor Ajay Agarwal’s connecting small shopkeepers with E-commerce 2.0 will benefit all parties. In August last year, Amazon India tied up with about 20,000 grocery shoppers in 350 cities of the country. Similarly, Flipkart did the previous In September, it had tieup with 27 thousand grocery stores in 700 cities across the country.

Ambani is busy in building 1.6 lakh crore E-commerce company

The plan to connect small traders and shopkeepers with the E-commerce platform was first created by RelianceIndustries led by Mukesh Ambani. Reliance wants to make its E-commerce 2.0 platform a subsidiary company of around Rs 1.6 lakh crore. Reliance will also use Jio’s extensive customer base for this.

If Amazon did not succeed, a company would happily become a software programmer: Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos shared interesting things about the company and career. At Amazon’s summit in Delhi, Bezos said, “If Amazon didn’t get success, it would have happily become a software programmer in a company.”

He said, 25 years ago, when the idea of quitting the job started from Amazon, there were many doubts about the future, but it was right to take the risk. I will always regret if I do not try: I used to work in a New York company in 1994.

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I realized that the Internet is growing rapidly. This gave me the idea to create online quotes. The boss refused. But, at that time I understood that if I do not try, I will always regret it.

Traders protest, also shout slogans of Bezos go back

Traders protested in around 300 cities in various states across the country on the call of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAT) to protest Jeff Bezos’ visit to India. He also shouted slogans like Go back to Bezos, Go back to Amazon.

More than 5 lakh traders from more than 5 thousand business organizations were involved in these demonstrations across the country Happened. On Bezos investing $ 100 million in India

CAT’s national general secretary Praveen Khandelwal said that it is not an investment but an announcement to destroy India‘s retail business. Amazon will now strongly violate the FDI policy. He said that someone should tell what small merchant vada has become till today by joining Amazon.

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