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Hey, welcome back to my website, So in this guide, I’m gonna be showing you how to qualify your link opportunities using Ahrefs. And so, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s one thing to be able to find link opportunities but you must also understand how to actually qualify those link opportunities. So what does that mean? That means that you can get a huge list of linked prospects, let’s say you get a thousand linked prospects, but you have to actually go through the process to narrow down that list and identify the linked prospects that are gonna be most valuable for your business.

And so that’s exactly what Ahrefs is gonna allow you to do. And that is exactly what I am gonna be showing you inside this guide. So, with that said, let’s just jump right in, and I’ll show you how you can qualify all the link opportunities that you find. 

Alright guys, so I am inside the Ahrefs dashboard and I am going to quickly show you how you can qualify a big list of link opportunities. So, all you need to do is just go to the more option in the navigation and then just click the drop down, and click on batch analysis. And so, this batch analysis tool is going to allows you to put the 200 URL’s in here, and you are gonna be able to vet all 200 of the those URL’s very, very quickly. 

So, in this case I’m just gonna put 20 URL’s in here so I can show you how I would go about this process of vetting link opportunitiesusing Ahrefs. So, I grabbed about 20 guest post opportunities in the fitness niche, and I’m going to paste these into the box. 

The next thing you need to do is on the dropdown where it says auto mode, click on the domain with all its subdomains option. And the reason why you want to do this is because you just want to see the quality of these domains overall.

We don’t really care about the quality of their right for us page or their contributor page. We really just care about the quality of the domain as a whole, because that’s what really matters when you trying to acquire backlinks. So, once you put your link prospects into the batch analysis, just click the start analysis button. 

When you’re trying to prioritize your link prospects

So the first thing you need to think about when you’re trying to prioritize your link prospects, is websites that have more authority and more traffic are probably going to be harder to get a backlink on, or harder to get a guest post published on. So you have to figure out if you want to put all your resources into getting the absolute best backlinks that you can, or if you want to go after those lower hanging fruits and try to get as many backlinks as you can on websites that aren’t gonna have such strict editorial guidelines.

And so that’s what you’re gonna have to try to figure out. But for me personally, I like to focus on the websites that are gonna have the highest impact if I get a backlink on them. So, in that case and using that criteria, what I’d wanna do is I wanna sort these link opportunities by the total keywords that their website is ranking for. So, if you just click on this keywords column, Ahrefs is going to show you how many organic keywords these link prospects rank for. If a website is ranking for a lot of organic keywords in Google, that’s an indication that is a very trustworthy website.

And that would mean that if you got a backlink on that website it would be very impactful for your business if it’s a relevant opportunity. And the opposite is also true. So, if we sort that column one more time but go the opposite way, you’re going to find opportunities that have no organic search visibility whatsoever.

And so, these can either be completely eliminated from your link prospecting list, or you can dig a little bit deeper. But in general if a link opportunity has no organic search visibility at all, that is definitely a problem because at the very minimum, even if a brand isn’t doing aggressive SEO, they should still at least be getting some branded searches if they’re doing good things. And if they’re not getting branded searches and they don’t rank for any keywords whatsoever, then that’s an indication that they’re probably not going to be a trustworthy website. 

You want to take a look at is under the Ahrefs ratings click on DR

The second thing you want to take a look at is under the Ahrefs ratings click on DR. So that’s gonna be the domain rank which is just really an indication of the overall authority of these websites.

So getting links on websites that have a higher domain rank is going to have a far bigger impact just for the reason that they are more authoritatives. So getting one link on this is gonna be far more impactful than getting five links on websites that only have domain ranks of maybe 30. 

That is why I tend to focus on the opportunities that are definitely harder to get backlinks on. But I know that if I put in the work, and I’m actually able to get a backlink on these really hard websites, it’s gonna be so incredibly impactful from an SEO perspective. 

So the other metric that you’re gonna want to look at is the total referring domains. If a website has a lot of total referring domains, which really just means the unique amount of websites that are linking to their website, that’s probably also going to means that they are gonna have a high domain ranks. So those two things are gonna be very closely correlated. 

Another big trust signal as well is, under the .gov and .edusection, because if a website has a lot of .gov and .edu links, that’s an indication that they are highly trustworthy because those websites do not give links out very easily. And they only link out to the absolute best resources online. So if a website has a lot of .gov and .edu links, that is an indication that you should be focusing on that link opportunity because that website probably has a ton of trusts and a ton of authoritys. 

Look at this under the linked clicks on domains

The next column you should look at is the under linked click on domains. And Ahrefs is just showing you how many domains that this particular website links out to, so these are external links. So this is important to look at, because if a website is selling backlinks, they’re gonna have a lot of external links and that is something you gotta be really careful because you do not really want to be getting backlinks on websites that are clearly selling backlinks. 

Now some websites are really good at hiding the fact that they sell backlinks, so in that case it may not be a big deal. But there are some websites that do sell backlinks and it’s very easy to find those footprints. And so this is one way to identify the websites that could be potentially be selling backlinks. And that is somethings that you need to the considers. It may not be something that’s gonna completely stop you from going after an opportunity, but it is something that you should definitely consider if you’re trying to stay as safe as possible.

Look at is the total amount of backlinks

And in the last column you can take the look at is the total amounts of backlinks. I don’t personally care too much about total backlinksbecause that can be easily manipulated with site wide backlinks. I prefer to just look at the total referring domains and then also the total unique IP’s, because that’s really gonna be the greatest indication of quality and trust from a backlink perspective.

And so that is honestly all you need to know about qualifying link opportunities. You can do this very quickly in Ahrefs and like I said, just sort these lists and get rid of the opportunities that are clearly not going to be that beneficial. And then just go through the list and focus on the ones that are gonna have the biggest impact on your business. And like I said, it’s much better to get one link from a website like, than it is to get a link from a bunch of unknown blogs. It is not even the competition whatsoever.

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