Crisis on Bhamashah plan in rajasthan 2020

Crisis on Bhamashah plan

No payment to private hospitals, then special patients refused treatment

Bhamashah plan Rajasthan
Bhamashah plan

Nearly 650 private hospitals have taken steps

Jaipur.  The Bhamashah plan Health Insurance Scheme seems to be slowly dying off, about 650 private hospitals across the state have stopped treatment under this scheme. Hospitalists say they are not being paid by the insurance company. After the controversy started several days ago, the government claimed that the payment dispute had ended and Rs 5 crore out of 25 had been given. The rest of the money was also claimed to be released in a day or two, but till Monday, the hospitals did not start treatment under this scheme. Let me tell you that the government’s contract with the insurance company will be completed this week. After this, the plan will be launched in a new format through a new company.

The dispute has been increasing gradually since six months

Private hospitals allege that the insurance company has been showing irregularities in payments for about 6 months. The post of chief executive has been lying vacant for about three-four months, due to which the insurance company has slowed down the payment process.  Due to which about 80 thousand appeals have been pending.

850 hospitals stop treatment, 250 returned

As many as 1056 private hospitals in the state are marked for free treatment under the scheme, 850 hospitals have stopped functioning after a dispute over non-payment. Around 250 private hospitals have resumed operations after the government’s assurance

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10 lakh patients are facing trouble

But private hospitals claim that 650 private hospitals are still not functioning. These hospitals say that the government should get their money sanctioned. About 10 lakh patients are suffering from this.

The same Department of Medical and Health, Additional Chief Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh has sought information about hospitals, treatment is going on in most private hospitals, where they are not getting treatment, they will collect information about them. The plan is coming soon in a new format.

Bhamashah plan

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