Craption :- politics based on black money craption meaning #1

Craption politics is based on black money

Craption :-  It is useless to talk about ending craption until the funding of political parties is not stopped by the number two money.  This whole politics game depends on black money, whether it is election check or cash on black money

Craption politics is based on black money craption meaning

Today the whole country is worried about corruption.  The judiciary only means to support the truth.  Truth is god  Gandhi had said that God is the truth.  When God is truth and truth is God, then all justice must be based on truth.  When craption takes place, try any number of ways, I see that the Supreme Court has no shortage.  PILs are often filed.  Many times, courts do self-motivation.  Despite this it continues to grow for 40 years, the Supreme Court has been saying about the craption fee that it should be stopped.

Since 1980, when I first moved to Parliament, I have seen that it has been steadily growing.  This series is still going on.  Similarly, there are cases of craption.  You pick and choose.  Income tax is being raided.  CBI is raiding  It would be a different thing to reach Idi.  What you are seeing is the atmosphere in the whole country.

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is sitting here.  Chief Justice of Supreme Court sitting.  We have got the President’s office here too.  Such an opportunity will never come.  Now if I say that, as long as there is political funding of political parties, it is useless to talk about ending craption until it is closed by the number two money.  This whole game of politics rests on the entire black man.

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Whether it is an electoral bond on a black man, a check or cash.  One cannot imagine.  Today it has been 45 years for me doing politics and I see that the beginning of the election of politicians starts, it starts with black money.  Taking money starts with taking black money for number two.  When those people start with black money, how can they stop crapition in the country, I do not understand this country

I want to tell you.  If the leader wins the election with black money then what will the country expect from him will remove the black money.  How will the judiciary hope that they can work with transparency and eradicate craption ?  This is impossible which is happening in the country today.

black money problem

You cannot even imagine what is not happening in the country, today you are inside the country and the funding of all political parties in the country is going to stop, as the electoral bonds have come, this is a big scandal in itself.  The Chief Justice of the country is sitting here.  I would like to file such public interest litigation or take court control by self-motivation and get it resolved forever.

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I am not talking about anyone’s political party.  There is no doubt that the amount of political parties who take donations is not black money.  Number two is not money.  And when it starts forming a government, then you imagine what will happen to this country, therefore, this opportunity of today is very important.

My desire for years was that I would meet the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sometime and tell my feelings.  Today is a very good opportunity for me.  In my own village, inside my own city where the Supreme Court is sitting.  The President is close and I have spoken. Black money is a big problem in the country.

craption meaning

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