Churu – District Of Rajasthan

Administrative units

  • Tehsil – 7 
  • Panchayat Samiti – 7
  •  Division – Bikaner
Churu was settled by a Kaler Jat named Chhuru. The place where they came to reside is still known as Kalera Bass.

Important Facts

  1. It is one of the 12 desert districts of Rajasthan by Revenue Division Ajmer.
  2. It is the hottest and coldest district of Rajasthan. (Climate)
  3. It is the district with the highest annual temperature in Rajasthan.
  4. No river flows in Churu district.
  5. Talchapar Lake – It is a saltwater lake.
  6. Churu Fort – Kathur Kushal Singh built it in 1739 AD. The temple of Gopinath is installed in this fort. (Fort of Churu)
  7. Gurdwara of Sahwa – This Sikh Gurdwara of Sahwa of Taranagar is associated with the memory of the arrival and stay of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Govind Singh Ji. A full fair is held here on the full moon day of Kartik month.
  8. Dadreva – This is the birthplace of Goga Ji. In the month of Bhadrapada, Krishna Navami is fair.
  9. Salasar Balaji – This temple was founded by Mohandas Ji. There is also a temple of Anjani Devi, mother of Hanuman.
  10. Tirupati Balaji – The temple of Lord Venkateswara Tirupati Balaji in Sujangarh was constructed by the Venkateswara Foundation in 1994.
  11. Gopalpura – It was known as Dronpur during the Mahabharata period, it was settled by Dronacharya, the Guru of Pandavas.
  12. Dharma Stupa – All religion is a symbol of harmony. It is constructed of red stones. Statues of Lord Krishna, Mahavira, Buddha Guru Nanak, Jagadamba, and Shankaracharya are placed inside the stupa.
  13. Talchhapar – Talchhapar Wildlife Sanctuary located in Sujangarh is a place of refuge for black deer and Karanja bird. In the rainy season, soft grass called Mochia cypresses rotundus is produced in this sanctuary.
  14. Waste Spinning Mill – Churu

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