Bollywood film dishonesty |JNU |CAA NRC |1 Attack Chhapak movie

Bollywood film dishonesty JNU Violence chhapak movie

Jnu deepika CAA NRC chhapak movie
Deepika in JNU

Demonstration in front of Gandhi’s statue against CAA in Washington

Americans of Indian origin gathered in large numbers in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington and staged a peaceful demonstration against the amended Citizenship Act (CAA) and the proposed National Civil Register (NRC).  Indian-American Mike Ghose, who is associated with a non-governmental institution (NGO) working for pluralism, told the gathering,

We have gathered here for only one purpose and the purpose is religious freedom and civil rights, nothing more than that. ‘Organized on behalf of American-Indian Muslims and many similar institutions In the demonstration, peaceful protesters raised slogans and showed posters in favor of India’s unity.  He alleged that the country is moving in a direction whose nature is not secular and which is contrary to the nature of the Constitution.

The protesters also passed a resolution requesting the Indian government to withdraw both the CAA and NRC. Ghose said, ‘All we want is for the (Indian government) to repeal some of the recently enacted laws so that we are all one India, one nation and one human being and can work together, live and with this  Don’t worry who is what. According to the organizers, more than 200 people participated in the nearly two-hour demonstration in front of the Gandhi statue.

JNU Violence

The Delhi Police lathi-charged on Thursday evening to disperse hundreds of protesting students demanding the sacking of the Jawaharlal Nehru University vice-chancellor, slashing fees and arresting the accused of violence at the institute. The police has not yet made any arrest in the violence carried out by masked goons entering the JNU campus on Sunday night. 

Thousands of other students belonging to the student organizations of the Congress and the Left took out a procession from Mandi House to Shastri Bhavan to meet the officials of the Ministry of Human Resource Development. The students said that they are not satisfied with the response of the ministry. He planned to take out a procession to Rashtrapati Bhavan to meet President Ramnath Kovind and at the same time police lathi-charged.

JNU student organization president Aishi Ghosh says that students and teachers will not stop until JNU vice-chancellor Jagdish Kumar is dismissed. Amit Khare, secretary of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), told that the ministry will once again talk to Kumar on the claims of the students on Friday.  He told that the students are complaining about the amendment in the fees, not implemented on campus.

Bollywood film dishonesty

In this tumult, Deepika Padukone‘s Bollywood imprint Bazaru, which represents the secularism of an acid victim girl, is shocking. The truth that happens in society, it should be shown in the film.

The hypocritical character who embraces the extreme grief of one’s life by adopting the spice of Bollywood, proves to be more stinging than that extreme grief. The film Chhapak is a mixed tale of bravery and bravery of a girl who not only lost her life while fighting the demons of the society, but she also won the inspiration of victory, Deepika Padukone is the heroine of this film, who distorted her face with acid and Lakshmi.

The character of Aggarwal is played by Laxmi Agarwal from Delhi and the name of the acid who threw acid on her was Nadeem Khan. This is a story that every sensitive person would normally see and learn something from, but who went to JNU to express sympathy between the newcomers to Deepika Padukone Maotsse Tung and Polpot’s bloody legacy who once insulted the Kargil heroes.

And till today Naxalites have not condemned terror, the intention of the same Deepika and the Bollywood world around her also looks suspicious. By the way, this season is also to sprinkle acid on the symbols and sensitivities of Hindus and that too by those who would not otherwise call themselves ‘scared people’ from home to abroad.

who oppose the brotherly citizenship law, who prevents citizenship but To break the Hanuman temple in protest of the law, worshiped by Hindus and giving a Hitler salute to Swastik or inscribed in the Bihar State Government official symbol What can be the relationship between breaking the Ka and writing an euphemism on it?

Anyone who has read the citizenship law knows that he has no connection with any Indian citizen, even if he is a believer. Then where did the talk of abusing Hindus against this law come from?

The left-wing students who had come to the protest had written vomit – straight on their faces. This good secularism is being served. Hindus are in all parties. Hinduism is not a private limited business of any one party or organization. Twelve rings in ten fingers, havans and sacrifices from the tantrikas, puja recitations, churning, chhath and Diwali, it is just a party and organization festival.

Hearing voices opposing the citizenship law by abusing Hindus on the chests of those Hindus No longing arises. What did the free Kashmir posters mean to those who came to Mumbai to express anger about the CitizenshipLaw and JNU etc at the Gateway of India?

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But the businessmen of the Hindu Shiromani regime remained silent on him and started making statements to save the girl. The crowd of Gateway of India and this poster, the Director General of the Pakistan Army, celebrating Eid tweeted a lot and went to the Washington Post to see that the students of India have come down on the rebellion.

He felt that here, like Arab countries, some ‘spring’ rebellion is taking place. Whereas out of more than thirty five lakh Indian students, what it means for a few hundred students to come out on the road, only Indian newspapers can explain it.

In this tumult, Deepika Padukone‘s Bollywood imprint Bazaru, which represents the secularism of an acid victim girl, is shocking. The truth that happens in society, it should be shown in the film. Why is it dishonest that the media and Bollywood are silent on the verbal and symbolic attacks on Hindus? #chhapak

If there is an incident of crushing by the crowd or there is a case of ‘touching’ the hair of someone, then spewing poison in the country and abroad against one’s own motherland is not avoided. This one-sidedness is a deadly attack of ‘soft terrorism’ and the word violence, which is as deadly as an iron rod hit.

If a good artistic and sensitive presentation gets a splash of dishonesty and hypocrisy, then the whole white sheet gets spoiled. This dishonest journey of Bollywood is a big blot on our time, which is an amazing example of slyness, insensitivity and condescending hatred towards Hindus.

Used the word condensed hate because Hindus and Sikhs, from Nankana Sahib to Peshawar who are falling prey to terrible tragedies every day, from JNU to Gateway of India, are not only against giving shelter to angry slaves, but also their own  Patriots are also courting Muslims by including slogans opposing Hinduism and breaking India.

From JNU to Gateway of India, Deepika Padukone‘s Bollywood film dishonesty has sprinkled salt on the wound.

Bollywood film dishonesty # Chhapak

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