Amazon quiz answers today 4 April 2020 win Dell inspiron 5593 laptop

How to play amazon quiz

Sign in to the Amazon App. In case you are not signed in, you will be directed to a sign-in pag
on the home screen, you can see amazon quiz banner, if not search for a quiz. You can also visit the fun zone.
There will be a total of 5 questions
Answer all the questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.
Question 1. On April 1st 2019, the Netherlands wing of which company announced that it had developed a product that allows a user to ‘talk to a Tulip?
Answer: google
Question 2. Which former Vice President, born on April 1st, was the Permanent Representative of India to the UN from January 1993- January 1995?
Answer: Mohammad Hamid Ansari
Question 3. Which former India international was the head coach of the Bengal team that made it to the final of the 2020 Ranji trophy?
Answer: Arun Lal
Question 4. Which famous comedian born on April 2nd, first came to prominence after winning The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2007?
Answer: Kapil Sharma
Question 5. On 24th March, Google launched a doodle celebrating Banh Mi, a street food sandwich originating in which country?
Answer: Vietnam

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